Sailing to Formosa: A Poetic Companion to Taiwan

書刊名: Sailing to Formosa: A Poetic Companion to Taiwan
出版資訊: Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2005
Edited by Michelle M. Yeh, N. G. D. Malmqvist, and Xu Huizhi
譯者: John Balcom et al
書介: The bilingual anthology of modern Chinese poetry from and about Taiwan is arranged in thematic sections that present contrasting views of life in Taiwan. The island’s dramatic history has given modern Taiwan literature a wealth of subjects for creation, including cultural, linguistic, and ideological shake-ups; these cultural legacies that sustain to this day are the backbone of Taiwan's literature development. By all standards, Taiwan has produced some of the best modern poetry in Chinese. The forty-eight poets presented here speak on a host of topics, including family and homeland, memory of war, social justice, and the natural environment. Collectively, they paint a complex picture of the trauma, travails, and beauties of life in Taiwan. They represent different generations, display different styles, and express different views and positions. (Quoted from: 臺灣文學網)